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Connect with Customers

Through our signature branding method

Barking Tail Branding Method

Our branding method revolves around the needs and desires of your ideal clients. It allows us to position your pet service as a perfect solution to your clients' problem. Not only this will help your website visitors see your company as a perfect fit, but it will also elevate you above other similar service providers.

Barking Tail Brand Method works for all pet service companies

Dog Walkers

Pet Hotels

Vet Clinics

Dog Trainers

Animal Rescues

Pet Photographers


Pet Sitters

Animal Healers

What Makes Barking Design So Different?

When it comes to marketing, many petpreneurs struggle with presenting their business as a professional and high-quality company. Barking Design helps you build a pet brand that not only looks good, but also communicates the value of your services in such a way that people understand.

We know how hard it is to make the world see that you are a reliable, skilled and devoted pet care professional. You treat your fur clients (and their humans) like family. And most importantly, you truly care.

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    But people who haven't worked with you don't know that. They think you are "just another dog walker." When you position your business as a pet brand, something magical happens. Pet parents realize no one will take care of their fur babies like you can. Building management companies see you as a professional service and want to partner up with you. And your website and marketing begin to finally work.

    Here at Barking Design, we having spent years creating websites for small businesses. We realized that a beautiful design alone will not bring you sales. Your website needs to connect with perspective clients, engaging them and showing what sets your company apart. And that's why we have developed Barking Tails Method - to help pet companies become brands people love.

    After working with us you will:

    1. Get clarity on how you can set your business apart from competitors. You will completely understand how you can stand out against big companies and get attention.
    2. Reach more pet parents by connecting with them through your website and marketing materials. You will know how to explain the high quality of your services so that people finally understand.
    3. Confidently approach bigger contracts and partnerships, expand your services to new areas, and get your business noticed with branding and website that present you as a professional pet company.

    There are plenty of pet service providers out there. If customers are not connected to your brand and don't see that you have something special, they'll pass your offer in favor of a bigger brand name. Once you can show them how exceptional your services are and how much you deeply care about their pets, your company will begin to grow. You can turn your service into a brand people love. Book your Free Consultation today. Why? Because your business can become what you have always envisioned when you started it.

What's my investment?

How much is a lackluster branding and website are costing you? How many potential customers can't see the value of your services? How many partnership opportunities are you missing out, because other companies don't think you are a professional and trustworthy business? Outdated branding and design might already be costing you quite a lot.

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