Things You Should Never Say on Your Website

A list of things your website should never ever say.

Here is a list of things your website should never have. If it does - double bag it and put it where it belongs - in the trash (folder).

Welcome to my website

This one just makes me want to squeal, when I see it. And I do see it. Not a lot. But it happens. Please, don't welcome your website visitors to your site. It does not make them feel any more special. I promise. It only takes up valuable home page real estate, wastes people's time and basically does you no favors.

Want to make your visitors feel welcomed? Then go for impeccable user experience, write content they actually want to read, show them you understand what they are going through and you are the person for them. Whatever you choose, it is not placing "welcome to my site" across the screen in large letters.

Mission statement at the top of your home page

I think mission statements are great. When done right, they communicate your company values and help your people understand you have a lot in common.

But. Never. Start. With. Mission. Statement.


Have you ever met someone at a networking event who would go into a long-winded speech on how great their company/life/child is leaving you absolutely bored. They never showed any interest in your company/life/child. You get the picture. This is what you do to your website visitors when you start off with a mission statement.

"We are passionate about dogs"

I can't tell you how many times I have seen that sentence on a dog walking/dog training/dog boarding/grooming/etc. website. 90% of pet pet websites out there have this line somewhere.

Believe me, your visitors know you love dogs and you would rather serve dogs than their persons. After all, you would not have started a pet business.

Instead of just stating how much you love dogs, find other ways to show your passion. Why do you love them? What do you love about them? How have they affected your life? How have you affected theirs? There are so many ways to really show how much you love them.

Sign up for our newsletter

Here is the thing - no one wants your newsletter. An email address is a commodity. It is worth about $10-$15 today. People think long and hard before putting their email into an opt-in form.

How many unread newsletters are collecting dust in your inbox right now? Probably a few. Maybe they go directly into promotions folder. Maybe you just send them to spam. The point is that night you, nor your people need "another newsletter".

What they do need is a reason to sign up for your emails.

Give them a reason.

Tell them what they are going to get. Monthly deals and promotions? Upcoming dog-friendly local events? Training videos? Whatever it is, let them know ahead of time.