6 Things You Can Do on Your Dog Walking Website to Increase Conversions

These are our 7 favorite tips for increasing new client inquiries on a dog walking website. Most of them can be easily added to a pet company's website.

We use all of them on our clients' websites. These website improvements are based on user experience and conversion optimization practices. Most of them can be done pretty quickly. Implement these changes and see results for yourself!

1. Call-to-Action button in the top right

If you only implement one change on your pet services company website - it should be this one.

Clear visible call to action is a must for any modern website that is designed for conversions. Don't make people figure out how they can hire your company - make it obvious.

What is the first step they need to take to get your services? For majority of dog walking clients - it's to book Meet and Greet. Make that your main call to action.

Pro tip: keep your call to action "actionable". Book Meet and Greet, Sign up, Book Consultation, Get Started, Create Account are all good options. Stay clear from ambiguous "new clients" or "contact". The more direct and simple your sign-up process is, the more people will complete it.

Client example: Hush Puppies Pet Care - an up and coming pet care provider in California. Their main call to action, Book Meet and Greet, is direct and simple. It stays visible on every page.

2. Good photos of your team members

Taking and posting photos of your team might seem like a drag... but it is absolutely worth it.

Featuring your employees on the "About Us" page helps people build relationship with your company. It boosts credibility and trust. It also makes your business more personable.

People care about their pets often as much as they do about their children. Allowing someone to come inside your home, to take care of your pet requires a great deal of trust. You can start cultivating that relationship by using real employee photos on your website.

Whether you decide to hire a photographer or invest in a good quality camera (hello, iPhone 11) to take your own pictures, you will see positive results in website conversions.

Pro tip: tell your employee stories. Don't settle for a boring bio no one wants to read. Instead, tell a few interesting facts about them your website visitors would find engaging.

Take a look at Majestic Paws "Meet the Walkers" page. They use real photos of their team members to build trust and boost credibility.

3. Trust factors like certifications and press mentions

If you got it, flaunt it...

Trust is very important when it comes to pet service industry. You can never have too much of it. If you have certifications like Pet First Aird or CPR, are a member of a pet-related organization, have been featured in magazines, podcasts or blogs - show it on your website. Use official badges and company logos to boost credibility of your pet services.

Pro tip: If the logos you are using have too many colors and are looking unbalanced when placed together, make them all same color.

Client example:  New York Dog Nanny. This holistic dog training company has been featured in popular publications and TV shows. They use these press mentions to build trust with new clients.

4. Clear step by step instructions on how to hire you

When people don't know exactly how to sign up for your dog-walking services - they are less likely to take an action. Fear of the unknown is a #1 reason for not making a decision.

Make your sign-up process look simple and clear. Divide it into steps. Spell it out if you need to. The easier it looks, the more people will end up going through it.

Pro tip: 3 is the ideal number of steps.

A good client example is Crazy Wag, a dog walking company in New Jersey. They make signing up process look simple and easy.

5. Testimonials, reviews and social proof

Have awesome dog walking client testimonials? Sprinkle them all over your website. Use photos of real clients if you can. This will boost your services credibility.

Have online reviews on Yelp, Google or Facebook? Even better! Use those as testimonials on your website.

What's even better than online reviews? Video testimonials! Ask your most loyal clients to speak about their experience.

People trust video testimonials a lot more than written ones. They appear more authentic and are harder to fake. People trust other people's experience when choosing a dog walker for their pet.

Pro tip: Keep your testimonials short. Focus on what's most essential. Text length does not make a testimonial better. Those take longer to read and will most likely be skipped. Ask your clients for permission to edit their testimonials for length if necessary.

Take a look at Comforted Kitty website - a cat sitting service in Las Vegas and San Francisco. In addition to dozens of online reviews, they feature video testimonials on their website. It is well worth the effort to ask your clients record video testimonials for your pet services.

6. Several calls to action on each page

While call-to-action button is a must on your website navigation, you need more of them through out your pet service website.

Each button is an opportunity to sign up a new client. The less effort people have to make to hire you, the "easier" using your services will seem. And who does not like for things to be easy...

Some of the common locations for "Book Meet and Greet" buttons are top section banner, middle of the page (if you have lots of content) and the bottom of each page. It's a huge opportunity for new client signups you don't want to miss.

Pro tip: Include your Meet and Greet button at the end of each blog post as well.

Client example: iDog - a pet care company in Washington DC. They have a dedicated call to action image banner at the bottom of each main website page. It encourages a website visitor to sign up for iDog pet services.


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