The best time to start a pet business

Lately, I've been meeting people who are on the verge of becoming entrepreneurs. And every conversation we've had somehow circled back to the same question: when it is the best time to start a business. If you are one of those people who always knew they would have a business some day, you might want to make sure you don't obsess over perfect timing too much. So that it does not prevent you from actually moving froward.

It never feels like it's a good time to start a business. It's never perfect. It's never right.

Why? Because there is no official day that's considered beneficial to commence entrepreneurial activities. :) Only you can decide when that time is for you.

Your mind is designed to prevent you from anything that's unfamiliar and therefore dangerous. And if an entrepreneurial journey is a voyage into uncharted waters, your mind will be hard at work, making up stories to prevent you from moving forward.

You mind might be telling you something along the lines of "wait till you quit your job first, till you have XXX in savings account, till you spouse gets a raise, till your kids are in college, till you retire". Those logical suggestions are just stories designed to prevent you from moving forward. There is a 99.9% chance that once you quit your job, have XXX in savings account and send kids off to college, another reasonable and equally logical condition will arise just to prevent you from taking the first step forward.

What can you do about it? Don't wait till the time it feels "right". It never will. Instead, make it be the right time.

When I started a business, the time was most definitely not right. I just lost a job, had very little savings and had never been in business on my own. The reasonable decision would have been to look for another job while getting experience and acquiring clients on the side. But the very thought of voluntarily going back to what I have been so desperately keen on leaving, was too dreadful. I told myself enough was enough. It was time to pull the plug and just go for it.

You won't feel ready.

Most people who start a business do not feel ready. Being ready means being perfectly prepared and immune to making mistakes.

If that's you thing, you will most likely spend years on preparations. Plotting and scheming and never doing the only thing that really matters - taking the first step forward.

If you follow any successful entrepreneurs online, you'll notice they are quick at making decisions. They get and idea and they just roll with it. Even if it's not prefect.

They know there is a chance they might make mistakes. In fact, most of them have failed at something in the past. They did not turn it into a cautionary tale. Instead, they got up, dusted themselves off and continued going forward.

You will be afraid. And that's perfectly OK.

Most people who have started a business were afraid to do so. To some degree. It could range from full on "OMG what the F am I doing" to nervous excitement. But the fear is always there. It's totally normal. The key is to not let it stop you.

What if you fail? What if you make a fool out of yourself online? What if no one will buy from you? What will you parents think?

For anyone in business, fear comes up regularly around many subjects. Money. Credibility. Being visible online. Time management. Health. You name it.

I invite you to learn to live with it. To recognize that it's power is limited. It can only control you if you let it.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs I personally know once told me she was absolutely terrified of going into business full time. She was scared of handing out flyers and telling people about her services. And she did experience a fair share of rejection and even online trolling and bullying in the beginning.

To say I was shocked to hear that, would be an understatement. This was very confident and outgoing woman. She was afraid, just like anyone else. But she chose to not let fear stand in the way.

Only start a business if a prospect of having a j-o-b for the rest of your life terrifies you even more

The easiest way to move past fears is to want something badly enough.

You know you are meant to have a business if a prospect of not having one seems depressing as hell.

An entrepreneur who has recently started a consulting company told me that going to work at his job every day (that he used to love and put a lot of effort in acquiring) felt like going to prison.

This is a common sentiment for many people. A lot of entrepreneurs have shared that for months, if not years, prior to starting their business they felt like they were dying inside.

If that's what you feel as well, know that it's your soul talking to you. Your higher self, your consciousness. Your emotions are the truest guide when it comes to choosing a direction in life. Unlike your mind, you can't fake them. You either love something or not. You always know when something is right for you by the way you feel about it. You mind will tell you lies, it will tell you stories just to keep you safe, to hold you back. But your heart will tell you the truth.

Regardless of what any online guru tells you, having a business is not an easy road. Only take it if you know that any other path will lead you straight to the Gates of Hell.

It will be difficult in the beginning.

First few months and sometimes even years are notoriously challenging. Buckle up and get ready for the ride. It will get bumpy.

You will not become a millionaire in the first 3 months. You might even make a few mistakes on the way.

If you drop the whole "playing business owner" idea after the first "thanks, but no thanks" from a perspective client, entrepreneurial life is not for you. No-one likes to hear "No". And while not everyone was born with thick skin to handle rejection and failures, you can learn to not let those things bother you.

The inner struggle might be the most difficult one. That tine voice in your head would tell you that you are not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough. And who do you think you are to do the damn thing in the first place?

A friend told me that the week of his business launch was excruciatingly emotionally draining. He was not prepared to what his mind would put him through. The inner voice would be non-stop yelling "no one believes you, you have no credibility, no one will ever take you seriously". He was not prepared to how difficult it would be for him to face his own insecurities.

You need to want having a business badly enough to weather the storm.

So when is it the best time to start a business?


Do something. Take the first step today. Take the next one tomorrow. And soon enough you will find yourself walking full speed, wondering what held you back for so long.