7 Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Pet Website

Your website is not something you create once and never change ever again. In fact, regular content updates will help you improve SEO score. It also helps your company look current.

Any holiday is a perfect time to make some website updates. You can express creativity by adding fun elements to your web pages. Let your brand stand out by keeping your website fun, festive and unique.

1. Update your Home page banner with a holiday-themed image.

Greet your website visitors with a festive image or a graphic. ShutterStock is one of our first choices for royalty-free images. And their selection of Christmas Dogs" is quite cheerful.

2. Create a seasonal sale on a specific product or service

Who doesn't love a bargain! A limited-time sale with a holiday flair might be just the way to bring new clients through the door.

Give your sale a fun holiday-themed title like "Happy Pawlidays" or "Santa Paws". Be creative and use your imagination.

3. Set up gift certificates for your clients to buy for other animal lovers in their lives

It's a holiday season and gift exchange is on everyone's mind. Gift Cards make an excellent gift choice for any pet parent. Bundle up your most popular services as a gift card option. Or just go for flexible gift card amounts.

4. Do a Christmas costume contest on Social Media

Halloween might be over, but you can never have enough of cute dogs in costumes. A Social Media contest is a good option to keep your clients engaged by giving them a chance to win some free services or products. In return, you will boost your online presence exposure and get images to use for your social media pages. It's a win-win!

5. Write a list of pet-related gift recommendations and post it on your blog

As a pet business owner you know the world of pets like nobody else. Have you come across unique and cute pet-related items? Write about them and post it on your blog. Not only will you save time for your clients looking for that "purfect" gift. You might also boost your credibility as an expert in all things furry.

6. Decorate your logo with holiday-inspired graphics.

Logo does represent your company but who said you shouldn't have some fun with it. Go wild and add a sprinkle or two to your logo.

7. Design thank you e-cards for your clients or a holiday-themed graphic to include in your newsletter

A little sign of gratitude goes a long way. Say THANK YOU to all your clients with an e-card or a special holiday-themed e-blast. Show your appreciation.

Vecteezy has a good selection of Christmas-related vectors you can use for to create cards or to decorate your newsletter.