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We are a (small) team of creatives obsessed with animals (domesticated and wild ones) and online marketing. We believe that everyone has a right to do what they love, full time, and do it successfully. And if you are as wild about growing your pet business, as we are about marketing it, then you should get to know us a little better.

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Barking Design team

Barking Design team

Barking Design team

You did not start your pet business to keep it small

Dogs are not just your job. Dogs are your life. You were an animal lover your whole life. So when you started your pet business, no one was surprised. Even though your friends and family are supportive, you know deep down they wonder if one day you will burn out and call it quits. And use your college education for good. May be go into finance. Or get a 9-to-5 with a health insurance. Because "playing with dogs all day", as they see it, is nice, but having a business is not easy.

You are not just a dog walker. You are a petpreneur. And you have what it takes to grow your company and create the life you always wanted.

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    You know the time is now. There is an opportunity waiting for you. You can partner up with a building, buy another company, expand into other neighborhoods or maybe even open another location.

    You know what you are doing. You treat your clients and their humans like royalty. Your services are high quality experience. But somehow people don't see that. Your social media gets no love, your website sees no action. You are becoming the pet industry's best kept secret. No one knows about you.

    Unsuspecting pet parents everywhere are flocking to the big name pet companies, wooed by low prices and ubiquitous marketing. And it's the dogs who are paying the price: neglectful treatment in the hands of unexperienced and uncaring employees.

    You need to get noticed. To find a way to stand out. To get recognized as the best option for people who desire high quality care for their pets. Because they need you.

    You can turn your pet business into a brand that gets attention. That looks good and builds trust. And most importantly, the one that connects with dog owners everywhere making it easy for them to choose the right person for their fur child.

    You can turn your pet business into a brand people love